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About KEara

As a graphic designer and multimedia artist based in Bozeman, Montana, I am driven by my passion to use visual communication to make a positive impact on our world. With an empathic nature and an inquisitive mindset, I draw inspiration from my surroundings to fuel my creativity and sharpen my problem-solving abilities. I am always eager to explore new aspects of design and improve my technical skills.


What I love most about graphic design is its power to inform and facilitate communication. I find inspiration in the organic shapes and colors of the natural world but also have a fondness for abstraction through the use of geometric shapes and bright colors. I am passionate about exploring these styles in branding, motion graphics, illustration, and packaging design.


In addition to my work, I value self-expression as a critical component of a fulfilling life. Outside of design, I enjoy a variety of hobbies, including biking, aerial yoga, knitting, and board games. I believe that by staying active and engaged in my personal life, I bring renewed energy and creativity to my professional work.


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