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Bean Team

branding + identity | logo design | packaging design | environmental graphic design

The Bean Team is a brand that offers ethical and sustainable canned beans with bold packaging. Not only are beans a great source of protein but they are also produced through sustainable agriculture processes and packaged in an infinitely recyclable way. In addition to their commitment to sustainability, The Bean Team also donates 5% of their profits to Action Against Hunger, actively combating food insecurity.


The design


The "Bean Team" logo incorporates the shape of a bean to form the letter "B", inspiring a connection to the brand's main product. The brand design employs a limited, contrasting color palette, simple illustrations, and friendly typography to create bright and energetic designs that stand out on grocery store shelves. By catching the eye of shoppers, the Bean Team's bold packaging design not only catches the attention of grocery store shoppers but also promotes ethical and sustainable consumption practices, making it an excellent choice for those seeking environmentally responsible and socially conscious products.

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