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Culinary Services case study

The scope of work involved designing digital and physical signage for the Culinary Services at Montana State University, which encompassed a variety of applications including motion graphics, social media, printed media,  digital signage, and large-scale installations.

visual design systems | marketing | social media | print | illustration | motion graphics | environmental design

Environmental Graphic Design



This vinyl wrap provides an elegant solution to the blinding sunlight at the SRO coffee shop, covering the top four window panels. It showcases a chronological illustration of coffee from left to right, in a bold and graphic style. The first panel features coffee beans and a vintage grinder, while the second panel shows the product of ground coffee beans and a typical grounds bag. The third panel depicts espresso dripping from a machine and a milk pitcher. The last panel showcases a steaming cup of coffee and a spoon. Although each panel tells a different part of the story, they are united by a bright color palette and geometric white lines that flow throughout the design.

Nutrition Banner


This portable roll up banner was designed for MSU’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to promote her services and spark conversations at events. The design is friendly and engaging featuring watercolor-style depictions of fruits and vegetables on top of a soothing gradient. Additionally, the design features a QR code that links to a corresponding web page, allowing attendees to easily access more information.

Printed media


Harvest of the month


The Office of Health and Human Advancement at MSU promotes a different food each month, highlighting its nutritional qualities. To advertise these selected foods, illustrative printed cards are created as part of the Harvest of the Month series. In addition to posting the designs on social media, the printed cards are distributed to students and staff at culinary operation locations on campus, serving as a physical reminder of healthy eating. The cards can also be collected or traded.